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14th Eurovision Song Contest (Madrid 1969)

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The 14th Eurovision Song Contest took place at the Teatro Real in Madrid, Spain. This was the first time that resulted in a tie for first place. Four countries: Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands and France gained 18 points each. There was no rule at all as what to do in this case and so all four countries were declared winners. This caused a problem with the medals given out to the winners as there were not enough for everyone. There were only enough for the singers and not the songwriters, who eventually got theirs after the contest.

The tie and the lack of rules led to considerable controversy. This would not be the last tie result in the history of the contest but the only one with more than a winner.

Austria did not wish to enter this Eurovision because they did not want to send a singer to a country that was ruled by a dictator (Francisco Franco was ruling Spain at the time). Salvador Dalí was responsible for the advertising for this Eurovision. Liechtenstein wished to participate in this Eurovision and chose the song, "Un beau matin" (
A Beautiful Morning). Unfortunately, as Liechtenstein had no broadcasting company at all and was thus not a member of the EBU, the country was not allowed to participate.

France's win was their fourth. France became the first country to win the contest four times. Netherlands' win was their third. Spain and United Kingdom each won for the second time. Spain was the first country to win in two consecutive years.

See you in Amsterdam for the 15th Eurovision Song Contest in 1970!

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