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38th Eurovision Song Contest (Millstreet 1993)

Video winning song: In Your Eyes - Niamh Kavanagh - Ireland




The 38th Eurovision Song Contest 1993 was  on May 15, 1993 in Millstreet, County Cork, Republic of Ireland. The presenter was Fionnuala Sweeney. Niamh Kavanagh was the winner of this Eurovision for Ireland with the song, "In Your Eyes." This was Ireland's fifth victory, and equalled the record of five victories achieved by France in 1977 and Luxembourg in 1983. For this contest, the European Broadcasting Union had to deal with the increase in the number of potential participating countries, caused by the dissolution of the Eastern bloc, and also by the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the only communist country that took part in the contest until then.

so, for the first time, a pre-qualifying round was introduced, but only for countries that had either never participated in the contest at all, or in the case of former republics of Yugoslavia, had not previously competed as nations in their own right. This was, however, merely a 'sticking-plaster' measure that was plainly not a sustainable solution for future years, as it was far from fair. But in the meantime, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania and Estonia battled their place at the grand final in Ireland in a special competition called
Kvalifikacija za Millstreet (Qualification for Millstreet) which took place in Ljubljana on April 3rd. After some extremely tight voting, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia made it.

See you in Dublin for the 39th Eurovision Song Contest in 1994!

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