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There are lots of places where to enjoy flamenco in Granada. They are all meant for tourists, so do not expect to find any local there, let alone any "real" gitano spontaneously singing, dancing or playing their guitar for you unless you happen to be the bride or broom in a gypsy wedding in which case, well, you woul have already seen and listened to "real" flamenco many a time before. Coming to Granada on a two day visit expecting to see flamenco without tourists around is like goig to India and expect to be on your own in the Taj Mahal. Let's make something clear, we locals do not go to hear flamenco every evening. We have lots of acasions to do it during the year, e.g. Granada's Music Festival in summer, private parties and celebrations, concerts in theaters and auditoriums etc. If you are lucky and happen to be here at that time you might be able to join us and enjoy what you would call, well, the real thing.


ut odds are that your only chances of enjoying some good flamenco would be to go to a flamenco place for tourists. Did I say "good flamenco"? Oh yes, indeed, because the fact that you will most probably be surrounded by a bunch of camera in hand tourists like you does not mean the performances you are going to see are bad at all. In the narrow streets of the Albaicin and the hills of the Sacromonte there are many tablaos and zambras where good live flamenco performances take place every evening. The artists are fantastic, terrific sometimes, so pasionate you will hardy believe they do exactly the same twice a day every day of the year. They are good at what they do. They will show you what a zambra "fiesta" gitana is and, trust me, that is the closest you will ever be to a gypsy party and thus to imagine what the real party would be like. But, do not worry much, after the show you will have already learnt that a real gypsy party would exactly be like the one you just witnessed but, well, without you, and without any of the fellow tourists that were there with you as well. Do not be dissapointed, Gypsies and Flamenco people in Granada make up a fiesta every evening, lots of them actually, for yo to see what they would only do in the intimacy of their homes otherwise. Dream of being part of them for an hour and enjoy their unique art.

Inscribed in 2010 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Flamenco is one of the great musical forms of our world. It is much more than just a type of folk music. The tradition it embodies is both cultural and musical. Although it is worldwide regarded as part of Spanish culture, flamenco is actually a product from one of its regions, Andalusia, and it has to be considered as an inseparable part of it. A visit to Granada would definitely not be complete without a flamenco evening. This site gives you an brief introductory glimpse of Granada's most popular flamenco venues. Enjoy!



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