I have spent the last ten years of my life indulging myself in the pleasure of wandering, camera in hand, around this incredible city whose charm, or “embrujo” as we call it here, is certainly second to none. Because of this, now you are probably thinking this is just another photography book and you should be forgiven for doing so. But, let me tell you something: It is not! I would say it is more of a love story book. My own love story, actually! I have written every image here with my very own eyes and printed each pixel with every “click” of my heart over a decade. Yes! This indeed Is Granada, the Granada I am in love with. And if you too open your eyes you will not only be able to read the pictures in this book but also see the colours of its words and, perhaps, with a little bit of luck, beyond…






Granada B&B Homestay

Cozy, friendly, affordable Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the centre of Granada 


Flamenco Radio Station


Life Thru A Lens

(World Photo Gallery)

all pictures by Victor Ovies