London 1960

  5┬║ Eurovision Song Contest
 Tom Pillibi (Kacqueline Boyer) - France

The 5th Eurovision Song Contest was held at the Royal Festival Hall in London, England, on Tuesday 29th of March 1960. France won this edition with the song "Tom Pillibi" sung in French by Jacquelie Boyer whose father, Jacques Pills, had participated the previous year representing Monaco (he ended 11th though). This was France's second victory after 1958's. The United Kingdom was second again, as the previus year, and Monaco came third after their dissapointing debut the previous year. The Netherlands declined to host the contest this year because they had already hosted it in 1958 and therefore they handed the honour to the United Kingdom, the previous year's second placed country. The Eurovision Song Contest fame was growing fast and there was a new record 13 participating countries this year. Norway made their debut and Luxembourg returned after one year absence with a song sang for the first time in Luxemburgois, their original national language. Fud Leclerc returned to represent Belgium for the third after 1956 and 1958.

See you in Cannes for the 6th Eurovision Song Contest in 1961