Edinburgh 1972

  17º Eurovision Song Contest
 Après Toi (Vicky Leandros) - Luxembourg

The Eurovision Song Contest 1972 was the 17th Eurovision. Monaco was unable to host this year's Eurovision as they were unable to provide a venue, so the United Kingdom stepped in to host it again. For the first time, however, the BBC chose a venue outside London and the contest took place at the Usher Hall, in Edinburgh, Scotland. This has been the only time the BBC held the contest outside England.

Severine made the trip to Edinburgh to pass on the 'Grand Prix' to Vicky Leandros, the Greek singer who won this edition with the song "Aprés Toi" representing Luxembourg. This was the Grand Duchy's third victory. The song was writen by French song writer Yves Desca who had also writen the words for "Un banc, un arbre, une rue" that won in 1971, and became the second person to win the Contest twice, the first person to win for two different countries, and the first person to win two years in a row.

Just out of curiosity, this was the first time there were no ties in the voting and all countries ended up with different scores.

See you in Luxembourg for the 18th Eurovision Song Contest in 1973