Cannes 1961

  6┬║ Eurovision Song Contest
 Nous Les Amoureux (Jean C. Pascal) - Luxembourg

The 6th Eurovision Song Contest was held on the 18th March 1961 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France, where it was held two year before. It was the first time that the contest took place on a Saturday, a tradition that then has continued to our days (Except for the 1962's contest which was held on a Sunday). Luxembourg win was the first with the song "Nous les Amoreux" sung in French by Jean Claude Pascal.

The United Kingdom was second again. Finland, Spain and Yugoslavia made thir debut this year. There were no returning or withdrawing countries and a new record 16 countries took place in the contest. Like the previous year each country had 10 jury members each of whom awarded 1 point to their favourite song. With this voting sistem it is noticeable that the UK got 8 points from Luxembourg and Denmark got 8 points too from Norway. It woul not be until 1970, when Ireland would get 9 points from France that one country would get more than 8 points from a single jury.

See you in Luxembourg for the 7th Eurovision Song Contest in 1962