Riga 2003

  48º Eurovision Song Contest
 Everyway That I Can (Sertab Erener) - Turkey

The 48th Eurovision Song Contest was held at the Skonto Hall in Riga, Latvia on May 24, 2003. The hosts of the evening were 2002 contest winner Marie N and Renārs Kaupers, whose band placed third place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2000. This was the second time that a Eurovision contest was hosted by two former participants, the first one was in Rome in 1991.

Sertab Erener, the entrant for Turkey, was the winner of the event with the song "Every Way That I Can", which earned 167 points. Sertab Erener's song clearly showed her nationality with a striking violin hook in typically Turkish pop style, emphasised with attractive dancers accompanying her performing a bellydance. The song received an explosive reception from the Latvian audience. Erener had changed the song to include a faster tempo, melismas, and sang counter to the rhythm in tandem with the Turkish drums.

The United Kingdom's act, Jemini, failed to receive a single point, provoking slight consternation in the UK as it was the first time ever the United Kingdom had got null points. Some, such as long-time commentator Terry Wogan, believed that it was due to Britain's decision to back the United States in its attack on Iraq. However, the truth is that it was a very mediocre song and, furthermore, the UK's female singer was completely out of key in the entire performance.

See you in Istambul for the 49th Eurovision Song Contest in 2004