London 1977

  22ยบ Eurovision Song Contest
 L'Oiseau et L'Enfant (Marie Myriam) - France

The Eurovision Song Contest 1977 was the twenty second Eurovision and was held on May 7, 1977 in London. With Angela Rippon as the presenter, the contest was won by Marie Myriam who represented France, with her song "L'oiseau et l'enfant" ("The Bird and the Child"). This was France's fifth victory, a record, which would be equalled by Luxembourg in 1983 and equalled and beaten by Ireland in 1993 and 1994.

The language rule was brought back in this contest, four years after it had been dropped in 1973. However Germany and Belgium were allowed to sing in English, because they had already chosen the songs they were going to sing before the rule was put back. The contest was originally planned to be held on April 2, but because of a strike of BBC cameramen and technicians, it had to be postponed. At one point before the contest Tunisia was going to participate but they withdrew. If they had gone ahead they would have appeared fourth on stage.

Although Marie Myriam won, it could be argued that the song finishing second, "Rock Bottom" written and performed by Lynsey De Paul and Mike Moran was the real winner with the European public since this song went on to become a top 10 hit in most European countries, unlike "L'oiseau et l'enfant". An honourable mention also goes to Silver Convention for their entry, "Telegram".

See you in Paris for the 23rd Eurovision Song Contest in 1978