Bergen 1986

  31º Eurovision Song Contest
 J'aime la Vie (Sandra Kim) - Bélgica

The 31st Eurovision Song Contest was held on May 3, 1986 in the Grieg Hall in Bergen, Norway. The presenter was Åse Kleveland. Sandra Kim was the winner of this Eurovision with the song, J'aime La Vie, representing Belgique.

Aged 13, Sandra was and still is the youngest ever Eurovision winner, although there have been some participants younger than her both before and after her victory. In 1969, for instance, Monaco's singer was only 12, but the record would be set in 1989 by Belgian singer Nathalie Pâque, who represented France being only 11. This led to a big controversy and from 1990 rules require Eurovision Song Contest participants to be at least 16. This means that unless this rule is changed Kim's record will never be broken.

Switzerland, which ended secong on the chart, appealed for Belgique to be disqualified as in the lyrics of her song, Kim claimed to be 15 years of age when she was actually 13. The EBU obvioulsy replied that not only wasn't there any rule about the participant's age but also that the lyrics of a song could by no means be used to accuse the singer of lying. This was Belgique's first and only victory to date. They were very close to win again in 2003 when they were second to Turkey by only two points in one of the tightest voting ever

See you in Brussels for the 32nd Eurovision Song Contest in 1987