Hague 1980

  25ยบ Eurovision Song Contest
 What's Another Year (Johnny Logan) - Ireland

The Eurovision Song Contest 1980 was the 25th Eurovision Song Contest and was held on April 19, 1980 in The Hague. The presenter was Marlous Fluitsma. Israel, winner in 1979, declined to host the show for the second time in a row, as the IBA, apparently, could not fund another international production, and the Israeli government turned down a request to extend the IBA budget (the probably needed it to buy weapons)

In the end, Israel did not only refused to organise the event but because the date that was eventually set for the 1980 contest by the European Broadcasting Union coincided with Israel's Day of Remembrance for the Holocaust, they decided not to participate at all. This was the first and only time the previous year's winner did not enter next year contest.

Spain, as the 2nd place winner of 1979 was offered to host the contest but they refused and so did the BBC which was apparently a bit fed up to have to host each time nobody else wanted to do it so, in the end, the Netherlands finally agreed to put on the show providing they were allowed to scale back the production. They used the same venue and mostly the same technical equipment used in 1976.

Morocco entered the Eurovision family for the first (and so far only) time. Johnny Logan representing Ireland was the winner of this Eurovision with the song, What's Another Year. This was Ireland's second time winning the competition. Ireland first won in 1970 with All Kinds of Everything.

See you in Dublin for the 26th Eurovision Song Contest in 1981