Malmö 1992

  37º Eurovision Song Contest
 Why Me? (Linda Martin) - Ireland

The 37th Eurovision Song Contest was held on May 9, 1992 in Malmö, Sweden. The presenters were Harald Treutiger and Lydia Cappolicchio. Linda Martin, representing Ireland, was the winner of this Eurovision with the song Why Me?. The song was written by Johnny Logan, who had won in 1980 and 1987 as a singer. The contest took place at the Malmö Mässan where the stage set was in the shape of a Viking ship’s bow with a dragon in the centre and stars on each side. The opening sequence included women dressed in the Swedish colours of yellow and blue, twirling ribbons. The filmic postcard tradition was continued with clips based on each country.

Previous year's winner, Carola, appeared on stage in a white dress with sheer sleeves, a rhinestone collar and cuffs and sang “All the reasons to live”

This contest marks the last participation of Yugoslavia as one country. As of 1993, all the ex-Yugoslav republics participated independently. This year's final entry was chosen by the Serbian part of Yugoslavia. After scoring second place consecutively (1988, 1989) and scoring some disappointing results (1990, 1991), the United Kingdom sent Michael Ball with the contemporary pop-ballad "One Step Out Of Time", which was the hot favourite to win the contest. However, the Irish sent Linda Martin, who came in 2nd place in the 1984 contest, and paired up once again with Johnny Logan, who won the contest twice before. In the end, Ireland won the contest with a 16 point lead over the United Kingdom, starting the chain of Irish wins in the 1990s. Malta with "Little Child", performed by Mary Spiteri, also scored very well coming in 3rd place with 123 points.

See you in Millstreet for the 38th Eurovision Song Contest in 1993