Stockholm 1975

  20ยบ Eurovision Song Contest
 Dinge-Dong (Teach-In) - The Netherlands

The Eurovision Song Contest 1975 was the twentieth Eurovision and was held in Stockholm, capital of Sweden.

The Portuguese entry "Madrugada" was an unabashed celebration of the Carnation Revolution, during which the country's 1974 Eurovision entry had played a pivotal practical role. This year a new scoring system was implemented, one which is still used today. Each jury would now give 12 points to the best song, 10 to the second best, then 8 to the third, 7 to the fourth, 6 to the fifth and so forth until the tenth best song (in the jury's opinion) received a single point. Greece withdrew from this contest in response to the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, in protest of Turkey's participation.

Netherlands' win was their fourth.

See you in The Hague for the 21st Eurovision Song Contest in 1976