Dublin 1995

  40º Eurovision Song Contest
 Nocturne (Secret Garden) - Norway

The 40th Eurovision Song Contest 1995 was held on May 13, 1995 at the Point Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. The presenter was Mary Kennedy. This contest broke the chain of victories that Ireland enjoyed in 1992, 1993, and 1994. This was Ireland's 3rd year in succession to host the contest - and to mark the 40th show, it was opened with a 2-minute retrospect showing images from the contest's history.

The Norwegian group Secret Garden was the winner of this Eurovision with the virtually instrumental song, "Nocturne". Incidentally, Secret Garden's violinist was Fionnuala Sherry, who is Irish. The favourite to win the contest, as tipped by bookmakers, was Sweden with the pop-ballad “Se på mig.” Other countries in contention for the win were Denmark, Slovenia, and the eventual winner, Norway. The winning song was something new at Eurovision as it contained around 30 words accompanied by long violin solos. The United Kingdom contributed a modern rap number, while last year’s runner-up, Poland, went for something that completely contrasted their debut entry. After the first two juries voted, it was down between Norway and Sweden who both shared first place. Denmark and Spain trailed the two countries, but after the voting was completed, Norway was the winner with 148 points, followed by Spain’s “Vuelve Conmigo” with 119 points, and Sweden gaining 100 points.

See you in Oslo for the 41st Eurovision Song Contest in 1996