Luxembourg 1984

  29º Eurovision Song Contest
 Diggi Loo, Diggi Ley (Herrey's) - Sweden

The 29Eurovision Song Contest 1984 was the 29th Eurovision Song Contest and was held on May 5, 1984 in Luxembourg. The presenter was Désirée Nosbusch. The Herreys were the winners of this Eurovision representing Sweden with the song, Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley. This was Sweden second victory, ten years after ABBA's celebrated victory in 1974. The "golden shoes" became a pop-cult classic since their win in 1984. The song is often used to demonstrate everything that'ss wrong with the Contest, as it is a very upbeat 1980s-style dance song, performed by three impossibly clean-cut young men. Further, the title is absolute nonsense, harking back to previous entries such as Boom Bang-a-Bang, Ding-A-Dong and La,La,La. Nevertheless, it has achieved considerable fame among Contest fans, with the most well-known archive of Contest lyrics owning the domain The song itself deals with the lead singer discovering a pair of golden shoes one day in the city. He puts them on and immediately feels uplifted and enters a "magical world". Thus, he wishes for everyone to have a pair. The English translation, released some time after the Contest, took much the same theme, titling the song "Golden Shoes".

See you in Gothenburg for the 30th Eurovision Song Contest in 1985