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The best songs of the Eurovision Contest
All the winners and many great runners-up too

Criticized by some, loved by others (and adored by Australians) the Eurovision Song Contest is a phenomenon that has been part of our lives and our memories since 1956.

Here you can listen to all the winning songs of all the editions in their original first recorded version and also some of the best non-winning songs loved by most of the fans of the contest. Yes, because more than a thousand songs have participated in Eurovision since 1956 and unfortunately only one can win, so many times it has happened that beautiful songs did not make it. Sometimes because they had the misfortune to participate the same year that other great songs did. Sometimes because the language barrier or because they were less commercial even though they were of a high quality. Be that as it may, Eurovision has left behind many great songs that did not win the contest.

Among all the non-winners, one stands out above all: Nel Blu Di PInto Di Blu, later known simply as "Volare". With her, Domenico Modugno could only be third in 1958, but it became the song with more million copies sold (22) with the most versions (David Bowie, Paul McCartney or Luciano Pavarotti among others covered this song) and the most translated to other languages. Furthermore, it is the only song in the history of Eurovision to be awarded at the Grammys. Not even ABBA's Waterloo did anything like that.

In my selection of great losers, second places abound, obviously, but there are also songs that ended third, fourth or even lower and could have perfectly won.

The songs will always be played in random order and it will change every time you reload the page, that way it is more fun and if you return to this page again and again the experience will always be different.

Hope you enjoy it