Baku 2012

  57º Eurovision Song Contest
 Euphoria (Loreen) - Sweden

The 57th Eurovision Song Contestwas held in Baku, Azerbaijan; following Azerbaijan's first time ever win in 2011with Eldar & Nigar's song "Running Scared". There were 42 countries in this edition, only one less than the record 43 in 2008 (Serbia) and 2011 (Germany). From the very moment she was chosen to represent Sweden, Loreen and her song Euphoria, had topped all the Eurovision winner betting odds. It was the favorite for the press and the public. Euro fans went crazy on Loreen's "dance" song making it the third most played in Spotify worldwide. So, in the end, it was somehow as if everybody had just joined the party in Baku only to see her win, and she did.

There was a time when Eurovision's favorites did not use to win. The story of the contest is filled with beautiful favorite songs that ended second, third or worse. But, it seems, internet and social networks have given a new twist to this intriguing, always changing, resilient, old and yet as young as ever song contest of ours and now the contest begins online many weeks before the final. This was the fifth time Sweden won the ESC. Last time was in 1999 with Charlotte. With this victory Sweden has the same number of victories as the United Kingdom, France and Luxembourg. Ireland remains on top of the list with seven victories.

Euphoria scored 372 points making it the second most voted song ever only after "Fairy Tale" -Norway's winning entry for 2009- which also holds the record for the biggest gap ever between the winner and the second. Norway also holds the record as the country that has ended in the last position more times, namely 11, including this year! Euphoria got votes from 40 countries out of 41 and a record 17 countries gave it the highest score "12 points". Out of the "big Five", only Germany, Italy and Spain made it into the top ten. They ended 8th, 9th and 10th respectively. France ended 22nd and the United Kingdom second to last. Engelbert Humperdinck, a living legend with more 150 million discs sold worldwide brought a classic ballad reminding us of times gone by. That song would have undoubtedly won Eurovision in the 60's but with an increasing young audience all over Europe that beautiful tune by my father's most beloved "Hump" made it kind of 50 years later into the contest.

By the way, and just out of curiosity, no less than 10 of the songs performed in the final were written by Swedish authors, including Spanish entry "Quedate Conmigo" sung by Pastora Soler. Do they have the magic formula?. Who knows!

See you in Malmö, for the second time in history, for the 58th Eurovision Song Contest in 2013